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Any idea???Service Problem?


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I have a friend who recently purchased a used 1997 Pontiac Sunfire with 36k miles. She has been driving it for about four months. Last Thursday, she took it to an auto shop for a standard service, and they told her that the alternator belt needed to be replaced. They changed the part, but immediately after the service, her "check brake" light came on, and the brakes began responding sluggishly, requiring a great deal of pressure in order to stop.

The next day, she took the car to a different auto shop, and they said that the bottom of the car was thoroughly rusted, as though it had been sitting in snow. This would be a problem from before the used sale. The brake line, they said, had also rusted, and its failure was only a matter of time.

My question is, what are the chances that the brake line would fail immediately after the standard service? Is there any way that changing the alternator belt could cause that part to break down if it was on its last leg already? Or is it more likely that the first service shop (not an entirely reputable one) did something unwise, or damaged the part and blamed the general condition of the car? They are claiming that the car isn't worth fixing, so the question of whether the service shop might be liable is important.

Thanks for your help.

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I advise you to contact one more service and hear one more opinion. In this case, you need to test the car before making any conclusions.
My apologies for the inaccuracy of the translation.

Good luck.

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Look service

Where to look and what?:unknw:

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