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Tire Road Hazard Protection - OK or Scam?

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It's time for a new set of tires on my jalopy. 45,000 miles on them and they're wearing thin. Tire shops have a gimmick of selling road hazard and 15-20% added to the cost of a new set of tires. How many of you have actually used or benefited from such a warranty? I've got 3 flats in the last decade and paid out of pocket for all repairs Another issue is that even though there are tires out there with 60-70-80 thousand mile tread life warranties, it seems they never cover replacement before the full mileage - even when service is done consistently at their preferred dealership or tire shops. I've actually discovered they are short of the regular oil change, etc.In one case, I used a ballpoint pen to discretely mark the tires before going in for service at Tire Kingdom. After service was done, they gave me the form of a car as they were. I called them on it right then and there. The manager said "Oh, you're mistaken - of course they rotated the tires." After I then pointed out the markings he wrote "The tires did not need to be rotated." When I asked him, I noticed it. This after waiting 2 1/2 hours for a 30 minute job - NO thanks!When they do not do the proper maintenance, they shift the blame to the driver for driving under or over inflated tires. I'm welcome to thoughts, observations and suggestions.

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